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Thanks, Gary. I'll send everything tomorrow- new sieve file, suggested p-ranges, and the range you reserved. Thanks for the sieve offer- it'll really help. Get sr1 v. 1.1.12 if you haven't- I think it's faster on some architectures.

Carlos- I'll have work available for you in 10-12 days. We're a little behind on sieving, but with Gary's help we'll catch up enough to have work available near 30 Oct. It will be 700-720k (or a larger block, if you want it).

With so much interest, we'll definitely be at 1M by the end of the year.

Kosmaj is quite correct- Gary suggested to me via PM to collect ranges, and I am doing so. When a range is complete, please email me the results file to the email address you receive the work file from (this name at gmail).

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