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Originally Posted by georgekh
ok guys i have a 160gb HD that i currently use on my computer and i want to make a Raid 0 (mirror array).
A RAID 0 (also known as a striped set) splits data evenly across two or more disks with no parity information for redundancy.
So, RAID 0 is probably not what you want. You may want RAID 1:
A RAID 1 creates an exact copy (or mirror) of all of data on two or more disks.
Originally Posted by georgekh
i bought another drive the same size and i need help with the setup cause i dont want to lose anything cause i'm a noob at RAID and i have no clue what to do. i have a P4C800 E-Deluxe mobo that has that RAID controler on it.
ASUS wrote a very good manual with step-by-step instructions on creating mirror RAID 1 set with saving existing hard drive contents. Look at "5.4 Promise RAID configurations" in
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