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Originally posted by E_tron
I have already tried the above. It works, however the computer will grab exponents in order to say at the "90" day quota. I don't want it to grab exponents, but i do want it to report back to the Server.

will keep at least N days of work reserved.

will allow up to N days of work before unreserving anything, but won't cause anything to be reserved.

I know this works, I use it.


means you can reserve 120 days of work, and then it just works on those exponents and won't grab any new exponents until only 5 days of work are left.

To grab 120 days of work in the first place, you could temporarily set DaysOfWork=120 and communicate with the server, before reducing it back down to 5... or you could manually add orphanage exponents, or whatever.
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