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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
IF you find a million digit prime soon (which I hope you do), will you still continue to LLR to 5 M?
Hardly, No. Personally, the main goal is a 1 million plus digit prime. The effort would have to be redoubled to find the following prime, most likely and that could be greater than 5M bits So it just a final push now. Help us
I noticed this post up a ways in this thread...which prompted the question: If 321 finds a 1 million digit prime before they reach 5M, what is to be done with the rest of the sieve file? Is it going to be made available publicly in case another person or project wants to use the rest of it? Or, would all the sieving work from the point at which the project is stopped, up to 5M be wasted?

I'm thinking that even if the 321 project doesn't want to continue searching after they find a 1 million digit prime, it would be nice if maybe PrimeGrid still continued the search up to 5M--it would be a shame to waste all that sieving work. And since PrimeGrid is already planning to do tests that big in the future with their Cullen/Woodall prime searches, it's not like tests of that size will be bigger than they'd otherwise be doing.
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