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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
We are proud to announce that PrimeGrid will be helping 321search from today.

This is how "credit" and "points" will be allocated:
  1. PrimeGrid will be treated as a "person" or individual with respect to 321's internal points system
  2. If a "321 prime" is found by PrimeGrid credit will be shared between 321search and PrimeGrid at the Prime Pages database as teams
  3. If a 321 prime is found by anyone and PrimeGrid have reached at least 3rd position in 321's internal scoring system, then PrimeGrid will share Prime Pages points with 321search as teams.
Note that individual people who make a reservations on 321search's "reservation system" will get full credit for a prime as a "person" at the Prime Pages; It has been left up to PrimeGrid as to how they share the Prime Pages points, if PrimeGrid finds a prime.
Cool! I already crunch for PrimeGrid, so when work is available for 321 I'll simply check the box in my preferences! (I was already hoping to do some 321 work on the one "core" [actually just a hyperthread] of my system that I reserve for non-BOINC stuff, but it's all booked out right now with other work, so this is especially great for me right now.)

BTW, is that why jmblazek reserved that humongous range yesterday?
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