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At the moment first pass tests returned to the second pass server are not used as first or second pass results. They are used for third pass only. The reason for that is that I did not imagine that there would be a change from the first pass server to the second pass server while the result is still running. And so I did not implement the necessary routines in by backend programms.

So at the moment the best thing you can do is to finish the first pass test before changing. Yes I know that means the most work for you but I have no short term solution for the backend.

I will but the isssue on my agenda for future implementation.

To describe the internal handling a little bit more here are the rules used when importing data from the llr server.

First pass server:

If a result comes in that was handed out by this server it is checked if there is no first pass result. In that case the result is used as first pass. If there is already a first pass result it is checked if the new result comes from the same user. If this is the case the result is discarded. If it comes from a different user the result is used as second pass. This rule is implemented due to the fact that in case of a communication disturbance between llr server and llr client there is a chance that the client send the result twice.
If the received result is not in the working queue of the llrnet server the result can only be counted as second pass but again only if it comes from a different user.

Same goes for the second pass server only replcae first/second pass with second/third pass.

Hope this makes everything a little bit clearer.
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