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Originally Posted by opyrt View Post
What happens if a first check result is submitted to the double check llrnet server?

I have some computers running first check now, and I wonder if changing the port to the double check port and restarting the clients will be enough to switch to double check without the running first check WU (and one cached) being wasted. I know I can start llrnet with different params to only crunch one WU and not reserve another one, but that seems like alot more work.
From what I've observed of the PSP LLRnet setup, your results should in fact be accepted, and credited as first-pass tests. I'm not sure, however, as to whether the first-pass server will think you've abandoned them, and re-hand them out to first-pass clients...and then they will be submitted a second time for an early doublecheck to the first-pass server (and credited as a doublecheck). Even if it did do that, though, it shouldn't be too bad.

Of course, I could be dead wrong on this so someone please correct me if that's the case.
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