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Originally Posted by ch4 View Post
A "rabidly anti-gay Georgia Republican legislator" sashays into a bit of honesty.

The Georgia GOP Is in a Civil War Over Anti-Gay “Religious Liberty” Bill

Further quotes from the McKoon speech:
I extract just one quote from this SPOS.

"When you start telling me that our individual civil liberties are somehow a business issue, we’re going to have a serious problem.”"

The problem is that sub-human piece of shit thinks that "religious liberty" means the right to practice bigotry and
discrimination based on the PRETENSE of "religion". Religious liberty does not include the right to discriminate
no matter how sincere you claim your beliefs are.

Practicing discrimination is NOT an "individual civil liberty" being denied by business.

And my personal opinion is that a large number of these "religious liberty" advocates are
nothing but fucking liars who are using the pretense to promote their personal hates.

These SPOS believe that their "religious freedoms" take precedence over the rights of others.
They don't.

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