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Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
The unusual characteristic? The father in the picture was pregnant with, and gave birth to, the younger of the two children.
Nice example.

It is now medically possible for someone physically male to become pregnant and produce a fully viable child, as in the storyline of Junior. It is also such high risk that no reputable medic would consider the procedure ethical.

The procedure starts with in vitro fertilization. It is possible, but exceedingly dangerous for father and child, for the embryo to implant into the abdominal cavity and develop, together with its placenta, long enough for it to survive a subsequent C-section. It is known because this occurrence has been documented a number of times in women. Presumably an appropriate hormone treatment would have to be given to the pregnant father. The experiment has not been performed, AFAIK, because of ethical considerations. I have no idea whether the procedure has been performed on other mammals.
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