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In a bizzaro aside to pull back the focus from individuals and to apply gross characterizations, marriages may resemble money or alternatively resemble corporations, depending on whether marriage is the axle that turns the wheel or is the axle grease that makes it easier to turn the wheel.

If marriages are like money, then there are ideas and disagreements on utility functions, broad policy goals, politics and influence up to and including the meta analysis, society benefits and recommendations provided by economists and other masters of the universe.

If marriages are like corporations then most the former metrics may still apply but also macro considerations of mergers and acquisitions, types and purposes of organizations, and different leverage on the roles and purposes of marriage in moving a sociopolitical vehicle in a desirable direction.

These perverse characterizations differ partally by the swapping verbs and nouns. But even in this oversimplification I have a hard time trusting the foresight and benevolence of the stewards of the vessel. And this may be merely one vehicle on the road and who built the roads anyway?

Although absurd, annoying and of dubious persuasiveness, my goal here is to say that herding cats is hard and a lot of people's valuable time and quality of life can be dissipated to the dubious skills of big overall planning efforts.
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