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Originally Posted by Zeta-Flux View Post
Would that first article have been published by the editors on pinknews if those 5 people were "being themselves" in unsuccessful marriages?
Perhaps not, though PinkNews does not take any official line on the legitimacy of polyamourous relationships. Do note, though, that the story was actually published by the Dutch language version of, not PinkNews. As far as I'm aware, is a news organisation with a special interest in the Arts and Culture, but with no particular political colours.
Would you have posted it if it talked about how they were currently in a legal battle for the parental rights of the unborn child?
I don't know. Maybe not. We have our own agendas, granted. But now that you've asked that, I'll look out for any story about such a legal battle and I undertake to post it here if I find it. I dare say you will too.

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