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Originally Posted by Zeta-Flux View Post
My second guess would be that you posted it in the hopes of convincing others that because I found fault with your use of the first article, I must also support oppressive regimes or find similar fault with your use of the second article. But that's just a guess, so I expect I'm probably wrong.
That's on the right lines, except that I don't think for a moment you support regimes where gay men and women live in constant fear of their lives and/or their freedom, and nor do I expect anyone else to believe that about you. (If anyone does they should read through a sample of your many posts in this thread through the years.)

The point I was hinting at was that the people in the Dutch article are being themselves, being proud to be themselves, loving who they love, and forming their family in the way that will provide a loving and stable environment for their child. And the people in Uganda who are braving their oppressive society by organising Pride with the slogan "We are family" are attempting to do exactly the same thing. The article about the Dutch five-parent family is no more propaganda than the article about Ugandan Pride is.
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