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Originally Posted by only_human View Post
So you are saying that it is laudable to stay fixed in your politics.
No, I'm not saying that.

That it is superior to not be swayed by information that emphasizes problems with a position because emphasizing something to sway people is propaganda; and if propaganda leads one to change one's politics then one's politics are not the best of principles.
Not at all. Being swayed by information is very important.

But being swayed by misleading, incomplete, self-selected, or irrelevant information is not good.



And while the above-mentioned people are encouraging propaganda by organising their own family as they want to in one of the safest countries on Earth for doing just that, people in one of the most dangerous countries for being yourself as a LGBTI person, Uganda, are - incredibly - staging their national Pride parade on Saturday under the slogan "We are family". I can't express my admiration adequately for their courage and self-assuredness in the face of threats to their lives simply for being who they are.
I don't read Dutch, so I may have missed how the article you posted had anything to do with Ugandan national Pride parades. Sorry!
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