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Originally Posted by Zeta-Flux View Post
Propaganda is such an interesting thing, and it's something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately. It is really interesting to me how easy it is to sway people to different political causes by just reporting issues differently, or focusing on one aspect while neglecting another.
So, consider this: Suppose those pictures in Brian-E's post were of an ugly family, living in a dump, perhaps with signs of abuse on their faces. If this would lead you to change your politics, then perhaps your politics are not based on the best of principles. And if such a change wouldn't lead you to change your politics, then perhaps you may understand why some would view this new article for the propaganda it is.
So you are saying that it is laudable to stay fixed in your politics. That it is superior to not be swayed by information that emphasizes problems with a position because emphasizing something to sway people is propaganda; and if propaganda leads one to change one's politics then one's politics are not the best of principles.

I emphasized politics because it may be clearer to instead use creed, beliefs or opinions. Using politics instead of any of these other words makes it easier to aggregate issues into policy positions of political parties instead of examining issues on their own merits.

But this word that I've emphasized is not actually my focus. My focus is instead that staying fixed in one's beliefs, opinions or even politics and being especially intolerant of other views is not a good thing. There's an ugly word that defines it.

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