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5. Finally, fault laws make it clear to the people entering the marriage that they are not just joining together until "one of you decides you are done" but "until death do you part". The very act of making it easier to get out of a marriage changes what a marriage is.
This is one way that domestic partnerships shortchange people by requiring less commitment. Both registration and dissolution are easier paths in many cases:
Domestic partnership in California

Domestic partner registration is an uncomplicated process, more simple and less costly than entering into a marriage. Both parties must sign a declaration listing their names and address.[13] Both signatures must be notarized. The declaration must then be transmitted to the Secretary of State along with a $10 filing fee (plus an additional $23 fee for same-sex couples to help fund LGBT-specific domestic violence training and services).[14] In this regard it is not like a marriage or civil union. Those unions require a ceremony, solemnized by either religious clergy or civil officials, to be deemed valid.[15]


In most cases, a domestic partnership must be dissolved through filing a court action identical[16] to an action for dissolution of marriage. In limited circumstances, however, a filing with the Secretary of State may suffice. This procedure is available when the domestic partnership has not been in force for more than five years. The couple must also meet many other requirements that the dissolution be both simple and uncontested: no children (or current pregnancy) within the relationship, no real estate (including certain leases), and little joint property or debt. The parties must also review materials prepared by the Secretary of State, execute an agreement dividing assets and liability, and waive claims to domestic partner support. Where all the requirements are met, the partnership will terminate six months after the filing, unless either party revokes consent.
So domestic partnerships are easier to get into and out of than marriage. By not requiring the same commitment people do not receive the benefits of the same commitment.
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