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Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
Presumably you would have no problem if the two scout leaders in charge of your boys were gay males either? I'm quite sure you wouldn't because I've never seen you post anything remotely homophobic, always quite the reverse, but I'm just keen to see clarification.
That’s true; you are correct- I would not have a problem if the two supervising adults on a scout camping trip, for example, were gay. I just don’t think that someone who is gay is any more likely to be suddenly overcome by sexual urges than other supervising adults. Putting the label “gay” in front of “adult”, of course, puts a sharp highlight on the person’s sexual orientation only, so one tends to think of that person in a sexual light, forgetting all the other characteristics that may apply, whether it be religious orientation, education, parental skills, training, etc. etc.

Sending your kids off for some extended period of time with other adults will always have some inherent risk, and I certainly worry about those risks, probably more than I should. I know it’s more than I should, actually. But I don’t think there are more risks associated with gay adults than straight adults, or however we group people. Adult engineers. Adult dentists. Adult lawyers. OK, maybe there are more risks with lawyers….anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a study that suggests a higher risk of deviant sexual activity (such as an adult supervisor seducing an underage kid in his/her care) out of any one of these groups versus any other; gay, straight, dentists, engineers, Lutherans, whatever. Some small percentage of people are deviant; some small percentage of all those groups are deviant. In Boy Scouts, they seem to realize this, so there must always be two adult supervisors; even the scout master, or leader, cannot go on a camping trip with the scouts alone, even if it’s only a small number of scouts. There must always be a second, approved adult. Reduces the risk. Which never goes to zero, of course. Its asymptotic, I guess.

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