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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
Note that from your point of view of deleterious effects on accidentally conceived children there's no particularly good reason why genetically related but mutually infertile couples should not be married to each other.
First, to be clear I didn't say that accidentally conceiving children was necessarily deleterious. Indeed, I'm sure you've seen movies where a couple discovers the wife is pregnant, to their great joy.

Second, I disagree that there is no "particularly good reason" to allow genetically related but mutually infertile couples to marry.

1. I don't want government involved in the business of testing fertility, as a prerequisite for marriages.

2. There is a strong social component to the examples we set for each other. If Joe and Shelly could get married, it can set a precedent for others to experiment (even if they don't marry).

3. Infertility is a difficult thing to test for, much less guarantee it will not correct itself.

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