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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
Indeed. That's a good point, and not one I'd considered so far. AFAICT, your two proposals are not equivalent but complementary so, in that respect, are equally {dis,}advantageous to each group.

My personal view is that society is more likely in the short and medium term to discourage additional procreation rather than to encourage it. Certainly, the evidence of the last couple of centuries supports my claim in that as infant mortality has fallen and women's economic status has risen the number of children created by women has fallen --- to below replacement rates in some societies. Society, as opposed to legal codes, appears to have made (its largely unconscious) decision.
Right. Sometimes not so unconscious, as is the case in China.

If my personal view is wrong I see no reason why civil partners should not bear children by gamete donation (FF only right now. MM is technically possible but, at present, the risks to father and child are so great as to be ethically unacceptable) or by surrogacy (which is available already to both FF and MM couples).
Again, there is the issue that children created by these means apparently don't fare as well as those raised by their genetic, undivorced parents, so you must weight the rights of children in this as well.

Such as? One of them is the subject of the PM I sent to Brian-E.
If I were to guess, I'd say your PM probably has to do with the fact that same-sex couples don't have nearly the same issues with respect to incest that opposite-sex couples do.

Some other differences are:
  • in countries where all men are drafted into military service, some additional protection would need to be made if a gay couple had adopted children
  • in countries where homosexual acts are illegal, civil unions could help give benefits otherwise unavailable
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