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Originally Posted by SandStar
It worked out. I've just found myself in the stats.
But iΒ΄m still wondering when stats updates are run. It took about a full 24 hours to be listed here.
So are stats updates done every 24hrs or more often?
Under normal circumstances the stats are updated daily.

The procedure is as follows: at midnight UTC each day, the servers stop saving new results in the directory they've been using the previous day and start saving them in a new directory for the new day. After a short wait (15-20 minutes) to ensure that everything has settled down, they then bundle up all the relations in each pool and send them off to a Warehouse machine where they are accumulated until enough have been produced that the factorization can be completed. At the same time, the statistical summary for each pool is produced and that sent off to a Beancounter machine. Beancounter itself waits for a while to ensure that all the summaries have arrived, and then creates the statistics which are displayed on the web site. Under normal circumstances, then, the stats become visible at around 01:00 UTC. At the moment, this corresponds to 3am in much of Europe, 2am in the UK, 9pm the previous day in the US east coast and 6pm on the west coast .

Under abnormal circumstances, anything can happen. Severe thunderstorms in the Ottawa area appear to have caused power outages, taking out Beancounter for a while. I don't yet know the exact situation. Most likely Don will get it fixed later today when he gets in to the office and run a stats update. What I do know is that the data is safe and that the stats display is presently out of date.

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