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omg. can you see "celeron-1700" line? this is DEFINITELY not a "iMac500".

yes I don't this celeron since 08 june.

topic is about mac client. I trying to run it but it don't works.

then Richard send me email

I hope that I have found the right one.

<key>GUID</key> <string>M000393925CA8P0</string> <key>USERID</key> <string>Death</string> <key>TEAMID</key> <string>Ukraine</string> <key>USERNAME</key> <string>Dead J. Dona</string> <key>EMAIL</key> <string>de***@*****</string> <key>COMPUTER</key> <string>iMac500</string>

My webserver log indicates that we are having difficulty communicating reliably.

Since it was not getting good results returned, it has "blacklisted" you for a few hours.

I manually released you, so it should try again within a few minutes.

However, I think that it would be better to send you to a server that is closer to your location.

Please stop you client and paste these lines into the file projects/pool/details.txt . Then restart it.


well, I re-register and it start works.
I left it overnight and didnt see a sats at the morning. and today there's no stats =((

sorry if I was rude, but I post celeron stats only to shows the absence of mac client...

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