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Default PrimeNet error 40: No Assignment

Sorry for the dummy question, but although I went through searching a lot in the forums, I haven't found an answer to my problem. I am pretty sure it is very basic, so please forgive me in advance for taking your time.

I just moved from a Windows 7/64 bits to a Windows 7/32 bits machine, being the new one pretty much faster than the former.

I simply copied all files from the original folder to the new machine and downloaded the latest version of the Prime95 executable.

Prime95 seemingly didn't care for my previous exponents (47584657 and 50590879) and started testing two new ones. So went to "Advanced | Test..." and input my original exponents.

Now, although Prime95 has resumed the tests from where the old machine left it, I am receiving "PrimeNet error 40: No Assignment" when Prime95 loads.

I would appreciate any help on understanding/fixing this.

Best regards,
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