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Default Increasing the speed of the project

I had a couple of ideas that can be used to increase the speed of this project.

1) I understand the numbers that give atleast 50 primes under 5000 are selcted. search for such primes can be easily be done using PFGW by writting a script. so no one has to go through couting the number of primes per candidates.

2)once this is done, all the candidates can be written into a file. then using these candiates a simple C++ program can be wriiten which I am willing to write; that writes all the k's for 112000 in file 1 , k's for 112001 in file 2.
This way newpen can sieve candidates for a fixed n. this kind of sieve will be much faster comapred to the method we currently use. :D

Harsh Aggarwal

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