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When we have found some "best" 15k's and decide to test for larger ranges of n we should think about some coordinated sieving (yes, to be done by those Athlon guys).

Yes indeed, we could consult Paul Underwood as well from 321 search for pointers
A coordinated sieving effort is easily done with NewPGen -- there is a service to split across 'p' into as many ranges as you like. We stopped sieving at 14.7 trillion for 321 to one million. Had we known this was the limit at the outset of the project we could have run NewPGen on a single Athlon just to reduce the size of the save file and then split the file into 15 blocks each of which would have taken about 10 days on a 1.4GHz Athlon computer. There is a service within NewPgen to merge the sieved blocks. Just remember to set the maximum 'p' appropriately for each block.
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