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Originally Posted by xilman
Even if a plausible interpretation of that phrase can be produced, it's not entirely clear how it affects the 95% of the world's population who are neither US citizens nor physically present on US territory.
Further, even within the US, the Constitution does not directly govern interactions between individuals. The Constitution does both grant and limit rights to certain GOVERNMENTAL bodies.

It is through laws adopted by those governments that individuals gain rights with respect to other individuals.

As far as I can tell, TTn has not filed any documents with the government which are required to establish any property rights in the 15k Search project.

De facto, he does have limited copyrights in some communications. However, I don't see how those rights would preclude ANYONE from continuing the project.

If he has filed for, and obtained, specific trademark or similar rights, he needs to state so and refer us to the legally recorded documents which demonstrate those grants. Otherwise, he is just ranting and, as a fool, his hot air signifies nothing more.
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