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This was my old passage about it. Want to see?

The Great Research That Day: How many numbers can be counted with our ten fingers? The reply is detailed. Anybody asked this question will reply ten - but that is a high blunder. Now try for open and close i.e. base 2 and find yourself can count 1,2,3...upto 1024. Showing:I wish I had a web camera. Now take open, close and one ajar and find yourself counting upto 59049 (base 3). You find in base 4 (two ajar subdivisions) yourself counting till until 1048576! These are x power ten. What happens if hundred subdivisions there? You yourself imagine please. Thus we could count infinity numbers (with ten fingers even) in base n where n is a very high number, if we do not confuse with the sub divisions..., We could count according to the formula n^x where n is the base or the number of subdivisions and x is the number of fingers; we could count infinity even with a single finger with a lot of subdivisions if we don't confuse ourselves with the subdivisions and the final matter is that with base 1 only (open or close or ajar) we could count only 1^x i.e. 1 with any number of fingers that's fun that's also true because all have to be open or close or (any) part of ajar respectively according to that order OK alright understood. Now memory this and reply this again soon please...

These were the five questions that were asked along with. Want to see?

1) How many numbers can be counted with ten fingers? What's the final reply?
2) How many more numbers can be counted in ternary than binary?
3) What's the formulae to calculate number of numbers under base n with x fingers?
4) 'Infinite numbers can be counted even with single finger'. Justify.
5) What is fun?

Fingers and dice are related. In what way?
I call 28 December as the dice day. Why?

On 28 Dec 2001 and 28 Dec 2002, I got two thoughts
Before the former date, one day, I had two dominoes
Dominoes have 4 faces. I want to make it fall from 1 to 13
I put 1,2,4,5 in one and 0,2,6,8 in the other
Another day, later, I wanted to make it fall from 1 to 16
all possibilities, nothing repeated
How? 1,2,3,4 and 0,4,8,12
Similarly for dice, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 0,6,12,18,24,30
On 28 Dec 2001, I extended to infinite number of dice
thinking that first dice will have 1,2,3,4,5,6
and nth dice will have 0, 6n-1, 2×6n-1, 3×6n-1, 4×6n-1, 5×6n-1
On 28 Dec 2002, I extended to any number of faces 2,3,5, etc. or any
See it that shuffling
For a dice of m faces, the first dice will have 1,2,3,4...m
The nth dice will have 0, mn-1, 2×mn-1, 3×mn-1, 4×mn-1, ... (m-1)×mn-1
Now is the time to think of the shape of the dice
For 2 faces, the dice may be a balanced rectangle
For higher faces, I thought on 28 Dec 2002 exactly as the shape of the prism
But later realized that pyramid are also suitable provided the base for both are narrow or small
That it won't fall. It is better to consider what has fallen down rather than what has fallen up because
it can be made common for there will be no proper top of dices with odd number of faces thats all thats why
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