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This is fiction. Few years ago, I and my friend were playing chess. I first moved the king-pawn. He gave me white. He replied Sicilian Defense. We know that opening and ended fifteen moves of Dragon Variation. There wasn't any time limit and we thought and played for one hour. I was at the end in a bad position and my friend had done a fraud. He shouted and disturbed me as well as moved the knight diagonally during the beginning of the end-game. Both he did simultaneously. He did it when I one second turned over. He showed move from different square while I forgot it up. He fortunately made a blunder and lost his rook when I was lagging. It was an advantage for me. Now the board is vacant except the two kings and I had a pawn extra. It was about to result in a stalemate when the friend made a blunder and let for the promotion of a queen and finally I checkmated him!
The fraud he did purposely. The moves are:
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