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Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.80GHz
CPU speed: 2519.92 MHz
L1 cache size: 8 KB
L2 cache size: 512 KB
L1 cache line size: 64 bytes
L2 cache line size: 64 bytes
TLBS: 64
Prime95 version 22.8, RdtscTiming=1
Best time for 256K FFT length: 9.341 ms.
Best time for 320K FFT length: 12.389 ms.
Best time for 384K FFT length: 15.104 ms.
Best time for 448K FFT length: 18.157 ms.
Best time for 512K FFT length: 20.302 ms.
Best time for 640K FFT length: 26.427 ms.
Best time for 768K FFT length: 32.224 ms.
Best time for 896K FFT length: 39.675 ms.
Best time for 1024K FFT length: 42.888 ms.
Best time for 1280K FFT length: 60.925 ms.
Best time for 1536K FFT length: 75.404 ms.
Best time for 1792K FFT length: 92.511 ms.
This is a P4 1.8A overclocked to 2.52GHz/140MHz FSB using 1.575v. Stock Intel Cooler. This chip does 2.7GHz requiring 1.65v but I dont want to run it on a 24/7 basis. Motherboard is Asus P4T533-C with 512MB RD1066 Memory.

It seems like with the newer P4 C1 stepping there ARE some clock to clock improvement over the current B0 stepping. Currently this includes the P4 2.66GHz and the 2.8GHz.

Xyzzy: I think the Intel 845x chipset does NOT support ECC at all. Thats why you will have problems when using ECC memory. Either not POST or not 'using' the ECC function.

Daffy: I do notice this. Sometimes notice that Prime95 is running slower than it should be. No idea how it happens it just happens.
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