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Ah, you must have a 64-core rig, not 68. What does 'sensors | grep Package' show? Here's output for mine:

Package id 0: +68.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +90.0°C) ALARM (CRIT)

This system is sitting in a corner on the floor under an open window, warm day, ambient close to 80F/27C. The side panel nearest one wall forming the corner has been removed, leaving about a 1-inch gap for air exchange between case innards and ambient. (On top of the 2 top case fans removing heat from the water-cooling unit radiator, naturally). Note I get the scary-looking 'ALARM (CRIT)' warning whenever the inside temp ticks above 70C at any time since-last-boot, and it persists even when the temp drops back down below the triggering threshold. IOW, the guard dog won't stop barking once it starts.

Package id 0: +72.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +90.0°C)

I too have the case side off and that open side being 1 inch from the wall

I'm impressed by the 32 day turn around for the PRP tests of 16 112Mb candidates. About half the speed of an AMD Radeon VII but 1/2 as much electricity consumption more -- 300w. Nothing beats an R VII.

I had to severely limit disk space to 2GB per worker. Also mprime skipped stage 2 P-1, presumably because of the lack to RAM.
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