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Originally Posted by jvang View Post
Have you heard of this barrier material before? It claims to be specifically designed for keeping bamboo contained:
I've never seen that particular site or material before, but that is exactly the sort of stuff that is is recommended by the experts.
Originally Posted by jvang View Post
In my research I found a nice looking site that seems to have a lot of useful information:

I punched in the following parameters: Hardiness zones 7 and 8, and Full Sun. This brought up a few Fargesia varieties and many Phyllostachys. In particular, this one looks like a perfect match:

It matches the temperature range of our area, it fares decently in a lot of sunlight (will be planted on the south side of the house), it likes wet soil, and it may like the type of soil found here (lots of clay content). Plus, it's a clumping variety so no barrier would be needed. Not likely to be very edible but that's not a big deal. Any thoughts?
F. rufa is a very nice bamboo. I have one myself. It is well behaved and supposedly edible though I've never tried eating it.

You're in much the same hardiness zone as I, though likely have hotter summers, so Phyllostachys sp. should be very happy. With these you will almost certainly need a barrier, or eternal vigilance.
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