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I've been searching for a deterministic form of integer factorization for a while because I strongly believe that
like the other basic mathematical operations there should be a step-by-step process. And I believe that this is a fundamental
question worthy of anyone's attention. I also believe there is an ordered and predictable distribution of the prime numbers.

Last November I determined a labyrinthine structure where each coordinate leads to every form of 2-element decomposition
and one aspect is exclusive of trivial forms. The best visual is that it resembles a vascular system composed of meshed building blocks of dendritic/fractal forms.
The easiest approach is to "zoom-in" to various locales within specific boundary parameters and search for a factorization
which is essentially a probabilistic approach which for me is very unsatisfactory.
The approach which I find most natural is Aurifeuillian as it is an expressly deterministic symbolic method. My next step is to start
mapping/indexing this structure which is daunting to say the least and one reason why I have not touched this since November.

The indexing which I am tryng to conceive of is something which probably doesn't fit the accepted definition.
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