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Default Write to Donald Knuth!

Those of us working with computer software and discrete mathematics owe a lot to Donald E. Knuth for his contributions to those areas, notably his monumental The Art of Computer Programming and his TeX typesetting software.

Here's a suggestion:

Write a note to him expressing what his work has meant to you!

... and send it "snail mail", please, because that's how he'd prefer it.

From one of his pages (

So if you want to write to me about any topic, please use good ol' snail mail and send a letter to the following address:
Prof. Donald E. Knuth
Computer Science Department
Gates Building 4B
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-9045 USA.
I have a wonderful secretary who looks at the incoming mail and separates out anything that she knows I've been looking forward to seeing urgently. Everything else goes into a buffer storage area, which I empty periodically.
(So, if he replies, it might be a while, because he organizes his time in blocks for efficiency.)

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