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Does standby not work with srsieve? Does it have to be stopped and restarted?* My machines here enter standby and come out of it exactly where they were and continue crunching. Standby can usually be set to operate from the power switch as well as from systemctl. The only effect with my factoring programs is that a normal 20 minute job shows up as taking 10 hours.

* As to starting and stopping rather than standby, what I do in this case is have a covering script look for a file to signal stopping the factoring program. e.g. I have a script that looks for "stopdbW" to exist in the working directory to tell the script to stop the operation. I have a separate machine (sometimes I use an RPi for this) scp a stop file named "stopdbW" to the appropriate location on the dbW machine and it stops. I have the dbW script in the startup set of files, so that when the machine starts, it also starts the dbW script.

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