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Originally Posted by wblipp
1. The help files use the "newline" convention instead of the "carriage return + line feed" convention. Many programs are smart enough to translate this properly, as well as simple utilities to make the conversion. Try Word or WordPad first, then move on to other choices.

2. Are you trying to set up an ECM Server, or do you only want to set up an ECM Client that will access a server set up by somebody else?

I apologize. My sleeping patterns are screwed up, so I've been doing and posting things that are better kept to myself. I would actually like to learn about factoring in general, whether through a server not hosted by me, or through the manual reserving process.

I looked up ecm(actually "elliptical curve method") on the Internet and found all of 26 pages that Google considered "unique."

Could someone please direct me to where I can go to learn the basics and maybe find a week's worth of work for a 1.75GHz Sempron?
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