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Welcome to the GIMPS Mersenne forum.

Current version of prime95 is v30.3b6.
Switch from LL to PRP with Gerbicz Error Check and proof, with power 8 or so enabled by setting Options, resource limits, Temporary disk space limit to 6GB or more of on-disk storage allowed per worker, if you have the space. With the same effort as your past 3 failed attempts at one LL, you could have 2 PRP's completed or close to it, with proof generated, despite recurrent errors, and someone would run brief Cert assignments eliminating the work of conventional double checking or triple checking. So PRP is effectively, from a project-wide view, twice as fast as LL when both are working reliably, and PRP is even better relatively, when not entirely reliable.
In an extreme case, such as on my old unreliable Athlon system that since went to recycling, PRP/GEC may make no progress because of high error rate, while LL with Jacobi may miss errors and make iteration progress incorrectly producing eventual wrong results.

If determined to persist with LL anyway, make use of prime95's backup files.

Much more background/reference info available at

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