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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
It might be a limit of the access I have at our hosting provider. George looked too but didn't see anything. It may be the type of thing we could send a manual request to have a PTR added, but I'm not sure... it isn't high on my priority list.

Back when I ran a busy email server, I experimented a bit with different anti-spam rules and tried out flagging emails where the sending server didn't have a PTR (or the PTR didn't match the forward name). There were so many false positives that it just wasn't practical.

Especially with things like SPF that provide a much better check of that same thing, I'm not aware of any of the big email providers that use PTRs. I could be wrong.

In general, most of the emails sent out from the Primenet server are being delivered okay. Those are things like the password reset emails, new user "welcome" emails, "your machine returned a bad result" messages (if the user signed up for that), etc.

We do have some cases where the remote systems are rejecting us but since they don't give a reason why, it could be anything. We do have valid SPF, and beyond that, if a remote system is refusing the incoming email, well, that's a bummer, but that's the danger of having the anti-spam analysis kicked up to 11.

We try to help out in those cases where a user is trying to reset their password but didn't get the email... typically they email George and we'll relay the reset message directly to them. Maybe one of these days I'll dig into it more, maybe see if we can't relay those emails instead of sending directly from the server so we can avoid the hassles.
Do you also have dkim and dmarc configured?
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