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Default Torture test question

My Athlon 1400 MHz system sounded like the fan was straining a bit, so I decided to rerun the torture test and got the error message:

FATAL ERROR: Reading from temp file

I reran it several times, and was always able to complete the 1024K self-test successfully, but always got this error message on the 8K self-test. My question is, since I haven't seen this error message discussed very much in this forum, doesn't this message seem more indicative of an I/O problem than a computation problem (CPU or memory)? One other poster had the same experience of always getting this error on the same self-test, at 40K, even though other self-tests passed successfully. (This was after running 12 or so hours.)

One more comment: It might be helpful to have a list of the possible error messages in the stress.txt file, as one is referred to it in case of error, but no specific information is given as to what the errors mean. George also made this post on possible sources of hardware problems awhile back:
It could be useful for some of this info to also be included in the "WHAT TO DO IF A PROBLEM IS FOUND?" section of stress.txt.
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