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Default Of PSU's and GPU's

I don't know how much people around here know about Power Supplies. Perhaps I will be surprised.

Whenever I am actually using my PC for relatively easy display tasks, I switch the instance of mfaktc on my display GPU to medium. This works great for internet videos, movies, and the lighter end of video games.

What I've noticed is that switching from fast to medium does reduce the throughput (from 1700 M/s to 1600 M/s, roughly, in my case). There is a further reduction when I actually start playing a video or something, which makes sense.

However, if I am not using the freed up GPU power for anything (i.e. I am idling on the desktop while mfaktc Medium is running), then my power supply fan goes ballistic. For example, if I play a round of League of Legends with mfaktc on Medium, everything is fine until the round ends and the PSU starts to rev up again. Once I get into another game, the fan quiets down.

Corsair makes a big deal out of their power supplies' fans running at different speeds depending on the load, but I'm sure that's nothing new. Either way, I'm a bit confused as to why the PSU fan revs up so high it's louder than the ten other fans combined.

It only does this when the GPU load isn't maxed out. This either confuses the PSU into believing it is drawing a LOT more power than it actually is, or the PSU is actually getting a lot hotter, but I've checked and found no indication of this.

It's an easy enough issue to just avoid, but it's got me curious. As far as I know, it has always behaved this way. I just never made the link until greed pushed me to running Medium as much as I could instead of turning it off completely.
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