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Originally Posted by moebius View Post
yes better it is at off, WPS is even more insecure, is it for fast guest-access and can easy be bruteforced.
Alas, pressing - either quickly or hold-for-a-while - that button only resets the WPS, LED blinks for a few seconds and then relights solid green. Ah, well, maybe later will figure out a way to disable via admin-access mode. But not today.

With wifi reestablished checked my connect options on the KNL via nmtui - still won't allow me to activate the wifi, maybe because the LAN is connected?

Anyhow, DLed Gnome onto the KNL, that took around an hour for the nearly 1000 associated packages ... rebooted, said a silent "please don't come back up in cmd-line mode" prayer ... and we have an actual Desktop. Hooray. And lookee here - as soon as I logged into that and clicked through the set initial-prefs screen (e.g. location services? no, thanks) and brought up the settings menu, I saw that it had auto-activated the wifi and was using that ... unplugged LAN cable, yep, we still have internet access. I believe several people asked "why do you even need the GUI desktop?" ... never thought I'd find myself appending "in order to use my !$$@% wifi" to the usual list of answers.

Thanks to all who helped or at least tried to, time to download any remaining packages I need for my development work and maybe finally try building some code.

Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
I downloaded the big CentOS-8.2.2004-x86_64-dvd1.iso and installed it under qemu. I selected "Workstation" and from the panel on the right "Development Tools". After installation it booted into Gnome, gcc was there and I activated my NIC with nmtui, Job done!
Yeah, well *now* we know that minimal-install .iso is not the way to go - thanks for rubbing it in, though. :) Again, it would've been nice if the installer UI would clue one in to such stuff, say, by not allowing one to select "server plus gui" and "development tools" without a warning to effect of "these are not included in your boot image, and will need separate install over an internet connection after the basic OS installation".

I see I need to get gcc &c. as well.

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