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Found the wifi stick in the output of nmcli d, did 'cat' on its ifcfg-file, the corresponding NAME= entry shows the name of my internet router, and ONBOOT=yes is already set. But e.g. 'ping' gives "Name or service not known" - still no web access. And 'ifconfig' does not show an entry for the wifi, which device name is wlp0s20u3.

Did the steps to make the default, rebooted, but again got command-line mode. After logging in, systemctl shows loaded and active. But still no GUI, still no internet access. I notice the above page next has a section "Install KDE Environment" - do I need that, as well?
Try this command as root: nmtui and "activate" the wireless device. (Ref). But it sounds like it is activated -- see below.

You won't get Gnome until it is downloaded! No need for KDE.

"Name or service not known" is a DNS problem. It appears to not be picking up your router's DNS servers (if it has any) -- with nmtui add this DNS server under "edit a connection".

After you have Gnome set up you can run dnf groupinstall "Development Tools" -y

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