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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
See this link:

I am running Centos8 under qemu installed from the same iso...

I ran:

nmcli d to get a list of "nic cards".

As root, I edited (with nano) /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<your device> and changed to ONBOOT=yes. Then I ran systemctl reboot. I now have internet access.
Found the wifi stick in the output of nmcli d, did 'cat' on its ifcfg-file, the corresponding NAME= entry shows the name of my internet router, and ONBOOT=yes is already set. But e.g. 'ping' gives "Name or service not known" - still no web access. And 'ifconfig' does not show an entry for the wifi, which device name is wlp0s20u3.

Next follow the link: to install gnome, turn it on and make default at boot.

Run systemctl reboot et voilà
Did the steps to make the default, rebooted, but again got command-line mode. After logging in, systemctl shows loaded and active. But still no GUI, still no internet access. I notice the above page next has a section "Install KDE Environment" - do I need that, as well?
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