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I have a generic aversion to URL shorteners. Basically I hate them. They are used both for hiding the destination, and tracking users visits to other websites. Plus the shortener service can disappear and then the link is dead with no idea where it was going.
Shorteners only add an extra layer of dependence, but without any associated benefit.
I am totally with you here. It happened in the past that the service disappeared, and there are links "in the air" even in important documents, like .gov pages. The shortened links are also unsafe, in the sense that some may ask you to install plugins, and could make havoc in your computer. Using the right link you make a service both to yourself and to the web page owner (he can make statistics about who is interested on his page, for example, by geographic areas, which may help him to provide other interesting stuff in the future, as opposed of getting all the hits from a single address - if you really need to be so anonymous, then use proxies and VPNs). So, take the right link, purify it from referals and ads, eventually beautify it (as described, using the "globe" icon ). How is something like "goog.le/ab7g5985q6" (fictive typing) better than the real link? You would not remember it anyhow, and you need anyhow to do a copy-paste.
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