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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Online you can't assume anyone's age, gender, country, etc. (no matter their user ID or their avatar).
C'mon man, do you mean I can not say publicly that Sweety and Dana J are girls, and that Retina is bald and smokes cigars?

Joking apart, about crossposting, albeit it is difficult to avoid sometimes, you should never reply to a post in the next 20-30 minutes after it was made, unless the poster specifically requests you to do so (like asking for some urgent help). I don't know how much netiquette is in that, but it is a lot of pragmatism. First of all, you avoid engaging in flame wars, then, if you think for few minutes before posting, you avoid posting stupid things which you may regret later (math included). Then, you give the time to the ante-poster to edit the post and correct the stupid things he said which he may regret later . I for example edit my posts repeatedly, in the first minutes after posting (almost all my posts are edited like that) to fix typing mistakes (I am a very fast typist, but not always correct), English/grammar mistakes (partially, when and if I realize, 'coz I am not a native speaker, sorry!, and I was all my life an anti-talent for learning languages), fix crazy ideas, calm down after drinking my coffee in the morning, etc.

So, if you don't give my my editing minutes, you may find yourself in the situation that you replied to a post which now says something else than is said when you replied to it

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