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I remember it well.

I was one of the team who helped convert the MIT Press publication of the PGP source code into machine-readable format out here in the free world
I am unable to go into details because of a NDA I signed just over 10 years ago, but back then real-time (100mHz - 100Hz) 64-bit key search was within (relatively) easy reach of a (relatively) small commercial organization.

If one assumes Moore's law with a doubling period of 2 years, the ~1Hz capabilities of a similar organization is now 70-72 bits (assuming 5 bits from ML and another 1-3 from an organization willing to try somewhat harder). 80-bit search at 1mHz seems plausible to me for the likes of them.

People with real resources to hand, TLA's mostly, can undoubtedly do much better. They will not be able to read everything but they are very likely to be able to read everything of suffiicient interest.
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