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Default PrimeNet error 40


I have got a problem with the Prime95 and I don't know what to do. The thing is, I started a LL test for a special exponent (55130227) and while it's working I sometimes get these messages:

Registering assignment: LL55130227
PrimeNet error 40: no assignment
ra: already assigned, exponent: 55130227, A: 1, b: 2, c:-1
Done communicating with the server.

I installed the programme a week ago and at first I didn't know what exponent I might test, so I got tasks from the server to get them done.
When it was working, the connection between the Prime95 and the server was right. However, since I started to test this one, I've been getting these new messages from time to time, and I reckon something's wrong with it. I haven't changed anything since then; so far as the firewall is concerned.

What's more, even in the site (, when I sign in it's like I'm doing nothing, because it doesn't know what I've been doing for 4 days. Before testing this exponent, it was working perfectly all right and I knew what I was doing in the programme after I logged in..

Thanks in advance

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