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Default mprime binary 23.8 for Linux?

Thanx, I even found your answer on the main page of

Under: "Other Recent News

"Error 2252. Some users that have a proxy server between their computer and " are reporting this error. Version 23.8 corrects this problem by using full "URLs instead of relative URLs. Visit the download page to upgrade the client.

The bad news is that I run Linux and there is not version 23.8, does this mean all Linux users are having the same problem? (It would be a shame to throw away my factorising results 99.9% done)
2/10/03 8:31 PM 376628 mprime231.tar.gz
2/20/03 6:07 PM 378035 mprime232.tar.gz
5/1/03 9:30 PM 416006 mprime233.tar.gz
5/24/03 3:51 PM 413203 mprime234.tar.gz
7/3/03 8:34 PM 417531 mprime235.tar.gz

Does that mean I need to download and compile the source and send it in? Is this version 2.38 source?
8/12/03 12:27 AM 2511263

I note that the Windows executable is from 2004, but the source is 2003. Is this a problem?
2/17/04 10:19 PM 1065696 p95v238.exe
2/17/04 10:20 PM 913112

Would you like me to send in my Linux binaries if/when I recompile?

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