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Default LL Tests Over Internet

I'm wondering if it would be possible to set up a regular webpage (like a homepage) that sends one to three iterations of a LL test for a visitor to do, and does this until an entire LL test is completed.

For example, if I set a page to store S[1]=4 of the LL test for M_p, p some prime. Then someone visits my page, the page tells their computer what M_p and S[1] are, calculates up to S[4], and sends back that result. Then the next person to visit the page gets sent M_p and S[4], etc.

I understand something like this would take a LONG time. But I'm thinking something separate from GIMPS, working with different Mersenne numbers, that won't affect the program. Most of the logistical reasons I can think of can be avoided with some effort. (Say, like calculation errors, simultaneous or a high volume of visits, quantity of data that must be transfered, etc.) If a page has a high volume of visits, some of the time issue can also be avoided by working on multiple Mersennes.
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