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So, that is very good, we all agreed to approximately the same moves. Thanks to both of you. I had a look again to g4 and Nf2 (intending Ne4 :D), after your comments, and I would keep my vote, but that is without any importance now, as a4 is the move we will play.

When should I post it? 18th of Jan?
Of course, any of you can post it before the deadline, if I am "blackout" at that time.

And by the way, thanks again Richard (did I get your name right?) for the effort with arranging the things during my absence. I may propose on the public forum that you be the captain of the team, if you have nothing against it, you have better knowledge than I have, and more experience, about organizing chess events, and even about chess itself, additionally you are on the right time zone - for me the day/night is reversed, and sometime either I have to post the moves like 10-12 hours before, or we miss the deadlines, usually I was posting as soon as we had the move, but now if we need to wait for the deadline, I am a bit confused. [edit: it is nothing wrong with it, only that I am getting older and forgetting things...]

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