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Originally Posted by hhh View Post
Dear friends,

the "too many merge attempts"-error showed up at some c104 of mine. I tried to fiddle aroud a bit, with the sole success to replace it by some "the matrix must have more coloums than rows" (or vice versa) error. Here are my options, I guess:

- I upload thezipped folder to some volunteer who does the postprocessing for me
- You help me to get out of this mess
- I restart sieving, with perhaps slightly different parameters
- Somebody else does this number from scratch.

This is the order of my preference, also. You decide, though.

Cheers, H.
H, what version of msieve were you running? I keep forgetting to upgrade this one, so when I ran this, it was with 1.39 and it finished on the first try, so I don't know what zone you were really in:
linear algebra completed 222519 of 223174 dimensions (99.7%, ETA 0h 0m)
lanczos halted after 3528 iterations (dim = 222925)
recovered 32 nontrivial dependencies

commencing square root phase
reading relations for dependency 1
read 111749 cycles
cycles contain 455893 unique relations
read 455893 relations
multiplying 366356 relations
multiply complete, coefficients have about 14.51 million bits
initial square root is modulo 215881931
prp52 factor: 7570380941541769441561745312556684037938683763298177
prp52 factor: 8145994460731835857997597172380480561830720426463929
elapsed time 00:29:25

Nice split there!!!
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