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I tried this method for n=81 and 2 < k < 2^32. I made a sieve file which contains about 16000 lines, but I'm not sure about the ABC rule I have to construct.

I now have:

ABC $a*2^$b+1 & $a*2^$b-1 & $a*2^($b+1)+1 & $a*2^($b+1)-1 & 2^$b+$a & 2^$b-$a & 2^($b+1)+$a & 2^($b+1)-$a
Is this definition correct? When I run this code and I check the pfgw.log file I only see lines of the form k*2^n+1, k*2^n-1, k*2^(n+1)+1, k*2^(n+1)-1 but not of the form 2^n+k, 2^n-k, 2^(n+1)+k, 2^(n+1)-k.

What am I doing wrong?
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