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In the sciencealert page about the discovery that 10,223*2^31172165 + 1 is prime dated November 28, 2016 it says (my emphasis)
In fact, among the 10 largest known prime numbers, our new prime is the only prime that is not a Mersenne number, and the only known non-Mersenne prime over 4 million digits.
Though this new discovery isn't large enough to displace any of the "top ten known primes," that last phrase has gone out of date.

Also, it looks to be the new #13 at THE LARGEST KNOWN PRIMES (Primes with 600,000 or more digits) list -- which was just updated!

The letters after the rank refer to when the prime was submitted.
'a' is this month, 'b' last month...
----- ------------------------------- -------- ----- ---- --------------
rank description ___________ digits __ who __ year comment
----- ------------------------------- -------- ----- ---- --------------
12a 919444^1048576+1 ____ 6253210 L4286 2017 Generalized Fermat
13 Phi(3,-123447^524288) __ 5338805 L4561 2017 Generalized unique

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